Tips & Tricks: GEONIS Data Quality

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Tips & Tricks: GEONIS Data Quality


The quality of the data captured provides the foundation for any GIS. Learn more about, which tools can help you to ensure data quality.

Important decisions are often taken these days based on geodata, including planning decisions, simulations (faults in plant management networks), or for model calculations (e.g. flooding models), etc. These decision-making tools based on geodata can only ever be as good as the geodata itself.

Geodata represents enormous value. Procuring and ensuring the geodata account for around half of the costs incurred for GIS operations according to estimates. Data quality must therefore be the objective of any GIS deployment. It is THE essential condition for being able to deploy a GIS effectively.

Read more about data quality in the GEONIS Data Quality Guidelines, and find out more about the tools available to you in order to ensure data quality.