Tips & Tricks: Export GEONIS data list into an Excel template

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Tips & Tricks: Export GEONIS data list into an Excel template


How can an Excel template be used when exporting a GEONIS data list?

When exporting the GEONIS data list to Excel, it is possible to predefine templates which then are being loaded during the export. This makes further editing of the Excel tabel much easier.

The required parameters can be inserted in the view XML of the corresponding data list. The following 3 parameters are intended for this purpose:

  • template: This parameter defines a name so that GEONIS knows where to place the data in the Excel template. The same name must therefore also be written in the Excel template in the cell where the data is to be placed at the top left (see example in Excel template below). (e.g. template="topleft")
  • template_titles: This parameter specifies whether the column headings from the GEONIS data list are to be exported or not. Possible values: true / false (e.g. template_titles="true")
  • templateFile: Specifies the path to the Excel template (e.g. templateFile="$(geonis_media)\what\customization\view\Template_Armaturen_View.xlsx")
The following example shows the parameters listed above inserted in the view XML for valves:

The prepared Excel template looks like this:

The name "topleft" is inserted in the cell where the anchor point for a data placement is to be located.

The columns defined in XML, which are to be exported from the data list, must have the same order in view XML as in the template. This is the only way to fill in the respective columns with the corresponding information during export.

This is how a preconfigured Excel table loaded from the GEONIS data list looks like.

Have fun trying it out!