Creation guideline for GEONIS Sewer System

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Creation guideline for GEONIS Sewer System


Creation and referencing logic for INTERLIS export.

We are living in an era of digital transformation. Accurate data is the key to successful digitalization, and the quality of this data is playing an increasingly important role. Accurate data can significantly speed up processes in a company, while a lack of data quality on the other hand can just as easily thwart these processes. Defective data quality can therefore become a cost factor that companies are able to avoid.

It is important for us that GEONIS users are able to manage high quality data and can execute flawless INTERLIS exports. For this reason, the GEONIS Sewer System 2017 Service Pack 1 Patch 1 version includes the publication of a creation guideline.

The aim of this creation guideline is to provide particular specifications to users so that SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects) and VSA (Swiss Water Association) sewage system data structure-compliant data can be recorded. The creation and referencing logic must be adhered to as mandatory in order to execute an accurate INTERLIS data export. To this aim, various tools and validations have been developed with Patch 1 which can be used to verify the quality and to make any required corrections. Various scripts are provided aimed at improving defective data. 

The comprehensive product documentation supports users with regard to data cleanup processes. 

The creation guideline and the new technical tools represent an important step in allowing GEONIS users to improve their data quality in stages in the simplest way possible.