Condition evaluation with GEONIS Sewer System

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Condition evaluation with GEONIS Sewer System


More efficient and faster working with the Release of 2017 Service Pack 1

Regular inspection, maintenance and servicing are requirements of keeping a sewer system ready for operation at any time. The inspection is used to determine the condition of the sewer network. With direct integration of condition evaluation into GEONIS Sewer System, GEONIS offers an efficient and extensive management tool for condition and inspection data. Via the condition dialog, a swift overview of the condition of the sewer network can be determined from these extensive data. Thanks to the direct interface to Dataver, rehabilitation incl. cost comparison of the determined measures can be performed, as well as the results directly imported into GEONIS.

Siedlungsentwässerung Zustandplan
In GEONIS Sewer System 2017 Service Pack 1, efforts were made to increase performance with regard to condition evaluation, which enables users to work faster and more efficiently. The speed for calculating current damage has been significantly increased. It is now calculated up to 40 times faster. It is now also possible to calculate current damage only for selected inspections. In the condition evaluation, these changes are most noticeable in large databases.
Further improvements have been made when placing the damage as well as general functionalities in the user interface.