Release GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 1

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Release GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 1


We are delighted to present the GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 1 release to you.

GEONIS Network Calculation

With this new GEONIS server module, the algorithms for analyzing and optimizing utility networks from the calculation software NEPLAN are controlled directly via one service. This first version makes it possible to verify connection requests from photovoltaic systems in the low-voltage range.

GEONIS Network Calculation

GEONIS server Administration

The new administration interface enables improved overview and administration of existing projects and configuration information. Here too, logs can be queried and browsed more simply and faster via this. 

GEONIS server Administration

Performance Improvement

In GEONIS server, significant improvements have been made regarding the working speed. As such, reports can be created up to 10x faster. Attribute forms are shown 30x faster with new caching mechanisms.

The condition dialog from GEONIS Sewer System has been immensely improved with regard to the calculations.

Data Exchange

Special attention was paid to data exchange for this release:
  • GEONIS Data Converter supports FME versions 2017.1 and 2018.0. A new method is available for writing in a GEONIS database: the keys and associated references are directly created with the imported objects.
  • The conversion of the Interlis import configurations of the water, gas, district heating and electricity industry models were realized. 
  • GEONIS Point Processor: Existing GRICAL configurations can be automatically transferred to the Point Processor.
  • New import and export configurations according to SIA405 2015.


Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.6 has been ensured for all our products, so that our customers can also use GEONIS with connection with the latest version of Esri.


Any errors reported by users have been corrected and eliminated in the individual products.

More questions about the release? We’re happy to help!