Longitudinal Profile, Cross-Sectional Profile or Cover Profile

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Longitudinal Profile, Cross-Sectional Profile or Cover Profile


The profile module of GEONIS server for the ArcGIS Platform

GEONIS server 2017 includes a new profile module, which enables the automatic creation of profiles from GIS data. For this purpose, different sources such as geometries with height specifications, height model, etc. are used. As such, length profiles, height profiles, cross sections or cover profiles are represented in a web application.
The profile module covers a diverse range of requirements in the widest of areas, such as:
  • Channel planning and documentation
  • Documentation of gas high-pressure lines with corresponding covers and crossings 
  • Profile representation of high-voltage lines and poles
  • Cross sections and longitudinal sections of dikes and grachts
Profilmodul für die ArcGIS Plattform
Key Features: 
  • Automatic creation of profiles from assets of a card
  • Profile visualization of data from a variety of sources (data model-independent) 
  • Use of own DTM grid data or from the ArcGIS Online Elevation Service can be used as data source in order to represent the ground upper edge
  • 3D geometries and attributes as source for height information
  • Visualization of elements used (e.g., adjacent, crossed or referenced elements)
  • Labels without text overlap
  • Additional filtering for visualization
  • Seamless integration into ArcGIS platform
  • Simple integration of project-specific extensions 

As standard in GEONIS, this generic model can be configured quickly and specifically in line with project requirements.