Release GEONIS 2017

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Release GEONIS 2017


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of GEONIS. We’d love to give you a brief overview of what we have achieved.

Increasing Data Quality

GEONIS expert validations have been added to, with new tasks that verify and clean up relationships and references based on the object relationship. This increases data quality and improves compliance with the guidelines of standards/interfaces. This means that, for example, in the Electro solution, network levels for low voltage and medium voltage as well as strand information can be made more efficient, cleaned up, and verified.

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Increasing Usability

New functionalities in the GEONIS attribute form improve usability. Records can now be deleted right from the form. This is especially useful for objects without geometry, as they cannot be marked in the map and then deleted. In GEONIS expert, validations for active objects can now be performed directly from the form

In the Sewer System solution, it is now possible to execute a specific Isybau export for a selected extract. A reliner can now also be created for a pipeline section based on attributes.

Consistent working processes with GEONIS

GEONIS gear has been enhanced with a new edit tool. It is now possible to create point objects on a map. If required, a photo can also be added. GEONIS gear supports the camera which is installed in the device. This means it is possible to take a photo with the device camera, and this is then linked to the object. The associated files can be synchronized with a central database via GEONIS server 2017.
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Thanks to the improved functions of GEONIS Electro 2017, supply information can be provided far more easily and efficiently. In this way, field technicians can easily and directly relate supply information. On selecting a cable, all objects are listed that are supplied via this cable. Using the symbology at the cable end, the normal switch position can be read off at the station.

Increasing Performance

The GEONIS Topology module integrated in GEONIS expert has been completely redesigned with regard to performance. This is above all for area features in official surveys, but also comes into effect for the creation of catchment areas for sewer systems.


New Versioning System, Simplified Installation

A new year-based versioning system is being introduced in GEONIS 2017. The same year means full compatibility between applications. This means, that all applications with one year support GEONIS solutions (data model, XML configurations, etc.) that also feature the same year. 
Thanks to the “All In One Setup”, GEONIS expert and its modules are easy to install. It is now possible to run parallel installations of GEONIS server 2017 and an older version.

Further details on the latest innovations and improvements can be found in Documentation portal, in the “What’s New?” chapter of the user manual and the “Release Notes”.