Information about GEONIS and ArcGIS

  • Tips & Tricks: Part One – General information on Support Tickets


    Which information is required to successfully create a support case? Checklist for creating a successful support case.

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  • Support for ArcGIS versions


    GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 2 (Release end of November 2019) supports ArcGIS versions 10.5.1 and 10.6.1. With the following release GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 3, the latest long-term release version of ArcGIS will be supported.

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  • Tips & Tricks: GEONIS Data Quality


    The quality of the data captured provides the foundation for any GIS. Learn more about, which tools can help you to ensure data quality.

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  • LISA: Interactive city maps in Zurich and Utrecht


    We are pleased to announce that interactive city maps, equipped with our LISA software, have been providing information for a few days now on large-format touchscreens in the city of Utrecht (NL) and at 15 locations in Zurich (CH).

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  • Tips & Tricks: Export GEONIS data list into an Excel template


    How can an Excel template be used when exporting a GEONIS data list?

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  • Creation guideline for GEONIS Sewer System


    Creation and referencing logic for INTERLIS export.

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  • Tips & Tricks: Merge mail with attributes from GEONIS


    In this tutorial, you will learn how to add attributes from GEONIS to a mail merge letter in Word in four simple steps.

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  • Geocom Tile Package Export Tool


    Free tool to create parameterized tpks from all ArcMap MXD files.

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  • Tips & Tricks: Ready for TLS 1.2?


    How to configure ArcMap to use TLS 1.2

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  • Geocom Map Package Export Tool


    Free tool to create parameterized mpks from all ArcMap MXD files.

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