Water and Wastewater Cloud-Solution in Poland is “online”

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Water and Wastewater Cloud-Solution in Poland is “online”


User friendly cloud solution for water and wastewater is online.

The drinking water and waste water market in Poland is organized in a very fragmented way compared to most other European countries. In total about 1’800 – many of them rather small – organizations provide drinking water and waste water services to their end-customers.

Regardless of the size of an organization, they all do have the obligations to comply with the rules and legislation of Poland and eventually the EU. The use of information technology, in particular GIS technology and appropriate software solutions would help organizations to provide the necessary information and evidence of being compliant with the applicable laws in an easy and efficient manner. Moreover, it would enable organizations to increase and enhance their service to their end-customers. However, installing, maintaining and operating an appropriate IT infrastructure and software solutions on site is often quite expensive and not a very realistic scenario for smaller organizations. With this fact in mind, Jacek Andrzejewski founded his new company ASC-Polska with the objective to enable all customers to get access to useful and affordable software solutions.

“Our customers are looking for possibilities to increase efficiency and the digitalization of specific processes would enable them to reach that goal”, Jacek Andrzejewski, CEO of ASC Polska ex-plains. “The use of GIS technology from Esri and the GEONIS solutions from Geocom enables customers to document and maintain their network assets and help organizations to improve many of their daily processes that are making use of geoinformation and network assets”, Jacek continues. “Asset maintenance, hydraulic calculations, and new network designs are just a few examples for which GIS technology shows great advantages. Still, the investment needed to implement, operate and maintain GIS technology is high, especially for smaller organizations. Therefore, together with our partners Esri Poland and the company Geocom from Switzerland, ASC-Polska offers easy to use cloud solutions supporting various processes applied in the water and waste water industry.”

“Our cloud-based solutions are specifically tailored for the water and waste water organizations in Poland and are affordable for even the smallest organization”, Jacek proudly says. “We offer different packages to make our offering even more flexible and attractive.”

“With the small town of Gniewkowo with just 7’500 inhabitants we have a great customer example and a reference allowing us to show the possibilities and prove the advantages of GIS cloud-based solutions for the water and waste water business in practice.”

ASC-Polska, with their headquarters in Torun, Poland, is a Geocom and Esri Partner and a well-known name in the industry. ASC-Polska has provided water and waste water consultancy to their customers for many years.