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GEONIS on the ArcGIS Platform for the company-wide management of utility networks


GEONIS Network Calculation

Direct verification of connection requests in WebGIS

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Success Stories

Customer Projects - Our References

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  • "The advanced plan board was able to be conceived and implemented rapidly on the basis of a proof of concept. The project team was able to develop an innovative web application for the efficient planning of the field crew resources based on a global map view. All in all we can talk about a very effective implementation that has more than fulfilled our requirements."

    - Michael Langhorst, Project Manager Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH -

  • "Our GEONIS gear solution, which has been tailored to our own needs, makes field data-collection of road condition information fun! And with it we gain an immediate current and representative overview of the entire township."

    - Martin Mettler, GIS Specialist ewp AG Effretikon -

  • "It was a pleasure to enjoy a perfect project!"

    - Gerhard Jocham, Leitung IT-Prozesse Thüga Energienetze GmbH -

  • "It was a pleasure to enjoy a perfect project!"

    - Dr. Timo Langemann, CEO INTERSEROH Pool-System GmbH -

  • "Thanks to GEONIS we now have a modern GIS in operation, helping us better prepare for the challenges of the future. (...) "

    - Frank Johannsen, Project Manager Stadtwerke Lübeck -

  • "We were able to reach our project goals with GEONIS and thanks to the competent support of Geocom staff. Today all of our business units benefit from the use of our network information system and we can no longer imagine working without this critical resource.“"

    - Stefan Liggenstorfer, GIS Manager, WWZ AG -

  • "The solution enables system-independent data management and prevents the occurrence of redundant data. It also shows the openness and possibilities of a proprietary system. Our business processes are not dependent on the system, rather from our operational requirements."

    - Zilmil Bordoloi Nellen - GIS Manager -

  • "The collaboration with Geocom proved itself to always be competent and professional."

    - Axpo AG -

  • "Bringing together various aspects of plan information into one information system has proven itself. The declared goals of making work-processes transparent to the relevant authorities as well as to internal departments were clearly achieved."

    - Thomas Meier, Head of Structural Engineering - Solvay Chemicals GmbH -

  • "By launching GEONIS, we have set the course to ensure future requirements placed on a modern and high-performance network information system."

    - Werner Coordes, Project Manager, Harz Energie Netz GmbH -

GEONIS Solutions

Water / Wastewater

GEONIS water

Geocom offers solutions for geographic data editing, planning and maintenance of water distribution and waste water networks for public utilities or industrial plants, as well as detailed documentation, inspection and maintenance of canal networks.


Energy Sector

Geocom offers all players in the energy sector, including electric and gas utilities, specialist solutions for data capture and management, planning and maintenance of trenches, cable, conduit and pipe networks, from supply and distribution stations through to the end user.




With GEONIS from Geocom there is now a performant, user-friendly and web-orientated pipeline management tool available for compiling all relevant information in one central data repository and in one system, including hybrid structures.


Industrial Plant Management


With our GEONIS Solutions you put powerful and innovative tools into the hands of your management teams and specialists for improving your response capacity to dynamic changes. Using the power of analysis of spatially-related data, they are able to avoid bottlenecks and streamline and accelerate their decision making processes.


Transportation and Logistics

With GEONIS Logistics, existing software solutions for crew dispatch and distribution planning are enriched with highly precise geographic real-time data, as well as industry specific geo-functions. All parties always get current view of the spatially-related process data.


Transportation Infrastructure

Geocom offers an effective and integrated solution portfolio for data maintenance, update processing and the extension and integration of traffic infrastructure data.


Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Survey: More than just coordinates! We cover the entire workflow of the public surveyor with GEONIS process-oriented solutions. From data preparation for field surveying, to parcel mutations and their associated documentation, to the provision of official cadastral and mutation data to relevant authorities.


Additional Solutions

In addition to our key segments we offer flexible and scalable GIS solutions to a variety of other sectors, including insurance, real estate management, nature and environment and risk management.